Free Electricity From Thin Air


This man shows you how to get electricity out of thin air. I could be wrong but I think I saw this type of technique used by Nikola Tesla in the documentary posted previously. Also a very interesting phenomenon that has been popular ever since the oil price increase is the Howard Johnson motor, also known as Hojo Motor. It pretty much is a free energy motor build with magnets and its author promises you that you can run your house appliances on his perpetual magnetic motor plans. I suppose it’s even more intriguing than electricity from thin air.

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  • Leg3nd

    I doubt this work or if this is even real..Watch his other videos…Another fake how to video.

  • Ya thats what I thought first…
    But after reading few articles it might actually be possible. Apperantly even Tesla used electricity from air but im not sure if its the same thing. This could indeed be a fake how to video.

  • i think this is possible as i heard phillips is working on a wireless battery charger that moves electricity through waves…

  • kbsfx

    Tesla was an unsung genius and many of his theories were passed of as bunk. He did in fact draw electricity from thin are and in fact he did have a solution to trnsfer electricity over long distances without the use of wires. He even demonstrated his theory in the lab with a BALL OF PLASMA that he held in his hand and played with infront of other scientists. There are many applications where electricity is drawn from thin air, the most common example is a crystal radio. EM, is a major factor in many areas of isolation where other fields effect components or cause damage due to stray fields. In pyrotechnics for the film industry, EM is a danger to premature detonation and even with shunting, mis-fires do occur. It is possible to draw electricity from thin air even if it is capacitance charges that are drawn off in a regulated fashion. Thus, if there is a EM field from any radio wave, a field can be captured and harnessed to produce a DC current. I just don’t recommend setting up a collection field under DWP’s high tension line, sure you can get free 110v power, but when they find the line loss, the fee’s could be devastating. Just ask the guy in Van Nuys California who was collecting power for ten years until DWP found the coil and shut him down.

  • bry

    ive seen a magnetic ball and coil for charging mobile phones and that won a british award . but couldent your circuit diagram constantly charge mobile phones so longe as the carier signal is in the air . it could be the next generation of mobiles that dont need chargers.

  • Actually, something like this was made during one of the world wars. Dug-in combatants would use the power of radio waves on an antenna to power their own makeshift radios. Of course, the radios were extremely small and the sound was incredibly weak. Still, it was a battery-less radio.

  • Shadow

    i can’t verify this specific video, but the concept is sound and legit. the russians used technology like this years and years ago. and the CIA used (and prob still use) the same techniques. in fact (not quite the same thing but close) in 1945 there was a bug called “The Thing” in a wooden U.S. seal plaque in the american embassy in moscow. it got electricity from microwaves that were beamed at it from the russians. it’s called a passive capacity resonator. some trivia i hope some of you to find interesting.
    P.S. it was there for 7 years undetected

  • This video is false. With a very large (50 meters +) antenna you might be able to gather 2 nano amps at best from radio waves… thats only if you have a 100 megawatt radio station close to you. This guy is showing 2 or more amps, totally bogus. If you were able to convert it to the right voltage to charge a cell phone, it would take 50 years to charge it.

    And to correct some people here, Tesla did NOT pull electricity from the air. He used a great deal more electricity to power the coil than he was able to get out of it, he was able to send electricity through the air, not pull electricity out of it.

    • Gndycus

       hey dont rant about tesla like that. youd be living in a dump without him. he invented the ac current so shutup

  • Pat Borlagdan

    This idea is worth exploring. How about giving all the specs of the capacitors and diodes so we can actually test if the circuit really works?

  • Tesla did pull electricity from air. Used zinc plate with capacitor on top 1 leg going to 2 coil to another cap. A sharp point on the cap on top to discharge + or =
    ions all grounded with iron pole 40 ft with torsion coil wrap around pole and supposedly a copper plate at bottom of pole in ground called Radiant energy device same thing comes off Eypdtion wall cept cap is lion (which means storge)(lion had sharp sword in hand raised) tongue hanging out (never figured that on out)
    Iron pole with torsion coil a turtle going down from plate touching pole a snake wrapped around spear (coil)
    an alligator type going up the pole mmmm some must have been trippin some where
    KK I didnt read or watch the how to just commented

  • eggomiego

    To mr. KillerBeez… wtf are you talking about? First of all, ofcourse you cant gather too many amps… Second of all, he didnt gather over 2 amps, he gathers over 2 Volts.. please think about what your going to say and review the information you are criticizing before you post something to the public world of the internet. People like you piss everyone off, and make people doubtful of everything on the internet. Stop trying to pretend you know anything.

  • xteam

    but will 1N400x diodes work too?

  • Anonymous

    yes the 1n400x will work but you will only get 0.05V
    so it’s better if you get germaniumdiods
    im currently looking for some but there aren’t to many
    electonic stores in sweden

  • riggers

    Ok, so I tried it on a breadboard, and it worked, to a fashion. The voltage did indeed get to about 2 volts, but slowly dropped to zero after a few minutes, however, this may be due to the ceramic capacitors I used which were a higher value that what he is using in the video, simply because I didn’t have any at the time. I was using an antenna of about 3 inches in length. I will play around some more with this, I might see if more than one circuit can be connected together in series or in parallel.

  • Arcosanti

    I have consider something along these lines except tapping into the Earth’s natural electric field fluctuations rather than radio waves. My idea consists of building a capacitor array based on the electric rocket found on Bill Beatty’s website and perhaps modifying the design a bit to make the whole thing into an electrolytic capacitor array. See the Keelynet file on Greg Hodowanec, grav1.asc for more info on this idea. I did some checking on how an electrolytic capacitor is able to accumulate a 1 volt charge from just sitting around. What I found was that it was from the fluctuations in the Earth’s natural electric field caused by various ojects moving through it rather that what Hodowanec claimed was the cause. The more movement and the faster the capacitors would accumulate a charge. The less movement and the slower the charge that was accumulated.

  • josh

    this world is full of lazy idiots.before you slam this and say it doenst work, try it and see for yourself. yeah but then you would half to get off your fat asses. easier just to say its fake.

  • Totally FAKE VIDEO,

    I tired it & found that “NO POWER PRODUCING” from it.

    DONT BREAK UR HEAD HERE by Wasting ur valuable time.

  • Gig

    I have been working on building something like this to power my trailer for years…. now I use Solar Panels, but need something to produce electricity in a Non-Mechanical way, for night time power…


  • tritowns

    i’ve looked at stuff like this before… i do think the longer the antenna the more voltage you will be able to gather but this is just an observation while playing with long antenna arrays.

  • Pete

    this idea certainly works look up crystal radio which from the radio signal had enough power to power headphones, also a television program called mythbusters did test the circuit and produced enough power to run a small LCD clock

  • This video is fake

    While it is possible to reverse radio waves back into usable electricity the parts this guy used are wrong. The voltage may be 2v but the amps dont exist, in order to charge the phone you need xvolts and xamps. Just look at the charger to any phone and it tells you exactly what it uses. So using the parts and curcuit provided in the video you just wasted your money. In any case you would need to be very close to the transmitter on a radio tower to power something like an mp3 player let alone charge a phone.

  • this sucks!

  • vb

    does this work with any other equivalent diodes and capacitors..if so pls send me d specifications….how to choose the values of circuit elements

  • Blenson Paul

    this circuit will work if u connect proper grounding,the
    circuit is 90% correct but it does not have earth connection. i tried with different combinations and got upto 10v, problen is u cannot charge anything as soon u connect load all stored charge will discharge giving a blink of light, i’m trying to improve the circuit…..

    • Geri Prokop

      Dear Paul,
      I found the same the proper grounding is neccesary if I manage to improve it I will send you en information  Regads  Geri

    • Krishna

      Can you build a circuit that automatically blinks a light after charging to some voltage?

    • Murali Krishnan

      paul are getting the current needed??

  • Bullshit

    Ok just for starters who gives a fuck about being found out about those guys.Fuck what those guys think and who they think they are. we are the people of the united states of America. If you read the constitution that was established by our 4 fathers you will see that we have every right to create and help our country to benefit it for our fellow man.If anybody says that you do not have this right and you believe this you are a fool and mislead and have no understanding of your rights. Dont for get people the govenment is you, not the polititions.We the people have the say on what we want for our selfs.if you dont believe me read the constituition its in every library in america.And I garuntee you can google it to.Dont forget you live in America not a 3rd world country.You have more rights than you can imagine

  • Eric the Hax

    I will try this as soon as I get to a RadioShack to get the parts. I have tested this in multiple circuit simulators and it seems to work.

  • Has anyone heard of a step up transformer or even know much about electricity ?? …
    In 1890’s when this stuff was first discovered they didn’t even have access to common diodes geles or whatever its callled wasn’t even discovered until 20-30 years later but is cheap and in all radio shack stores ! Electricity is designed by GOD to be free for us and ABUNDANT but without SCARCITY there are no profits !!! The Internet is one of the most powerfull forces our species has ever known use wisly!

  • The Video is correct in all aspects. What is the problems are the grounds. If a person will take a metal spike and a grounding clamp and find a tree in your yard. Just insert the clamp over the spike and drive it into the tree. The tree is a Perm Ground. The tap roots go to the local water table. So you will have the ground. The next step is a Antenna. Use a large mobius coil, and place in the air. And then check your voltage and amps. You will be suprised. The air is full of current, the problem has always been the ground. Thats why your power companies always drive a 1 to 2 metre copper rod below the power poles or circuit panel to ground. Open your eyes people and use what is free.

    • Zjavanee

      need a little better/cleared picture to follow. I enlarged as far as I could but the wires still mixed me up. Do some of the share the same connection? I get the part about the ground and antenna.  can you help me out a little by using colors on the wires and shoing the connections better…Please…Thank you

    • ozziekiwi

      Hi Marlborosounds ……… I need a tree? 

    • MasterThomas1962

      Where in the circuit do you connect the ground?
      MasterThomas1962 at ymail dot com

      • longer the antenna the more power but dc antenna only collects half of the power length of the antenna is a key to taping the earths natural frequency which i would think is very low so a shorter resonance of the earths wave length may give you multiples of power especially of you tuned into harrp

        • if some how you could monitor the incoming frequency it would be easy to tune your antania to it by multiple wires and find the resonance of the strongest wave length you monitor your welcome

          • me

            You need an antenna that is PRECISE,an antenna that is resonant at the frequency you want to receive.! Earth and body is 583 HERTZ.

    • Krishna

      Grounding should be connected in between the junction of two electrolytic capacitors.
      Although you will get a decent voltage reading the current will be in microamps. The cell phone drains more current in milliamps just to display it is being charged in microamps!!!

    • Andrew Good

      your power suppliers use an earth / ground to provide a path for fault current as a safety measure, which in turn makes enough amps flow to make an MCB / breaker operate as fast as possible, the lower resistance to earth the higher fault current, the faster the safety device operates

  • Jasper

    You can use the electricity to make H2(splitting it out of H20 is a rather simple proces), unlimited fuel. This fuel is already in use. Certain companies already use it. Colruyt in Belgium runs their forklifts on this fuel right now.

  • Frnz…..

    pls help me out …. i wanna perfrom this as my research project……..

    anybody can put up the specifictions of the capacitors and diodes…..

    and is this works………..
    please reply truly…….

    no criticising ass holes required to reply……

  • Hassan Akhrtar Malik

    Circuit diagram of  this project Please

    • try the part of diagram marked negative just a wild guess

  • cooder_pleaseanswer

    i havent found germanium diodes 1n3 …
    they told me those was as old as time

  • Gndycus

    i was wondering how would you increase the power of the generator. like adding more antennas or makeing them longer. 

  • MasterThomas1962

    Where does the ground connect in the circuit?

  • Mihir

    can i use tv antenna ? where to ground it . please someone post new ckt diagram . m performing it on breadboard but hadn’t succeeded yet

  • MasterThomas1962

    Where in the circuit do you connect the ground?
    ymail dot com

  • avinash petla

    going to start dis in a few days, boss wish me a good luck bro.


    Nikola tesla did this already

    • soundari

      do u know about the free electricity from thin air?

  • soundari

    does the ckt used for wireless battery charger ?

  • soundari

    does the circuit used for wireless battery charging using in mobile ? howmuch amount of voltage it provides? i need the circuit diagram also. Pls provide it.

  • kent

    is there other materials aside from germanium diodes ?

  • paru

    what is the principle behind this?

    • Maybe the electric universe 🙂 ?

    • Sam

      It works used it
      I get 9.6VDC AT 150mA
      Think linear and horizontal to scale up for colts and amps. It works.

  • another nobody

    the basics are here!
    FOR EVERY (1) ONE FOOT OF ANTENNA, YOU SHOULD COLLECT (1) one volt of energy!
    and for any HATERS that would say otherwise….. SAME TO YOUR ASS!

  • GordonRanger

    A low voltage, low current, low wattage signal, he’s probably picking up Radio Free America. I’m impressed it is charging a cell phone, but try lighting an LED or charging a car battery enough to start a car, or a motorcycle; you’d be waiting a *long* time.