Lamborghini Police Car

Some European highways are designed for speed and there is no speed limits in certain areas. This Lambordhini Police Car is probably the best way to discourage anyone from a police chase. I just wish the cops around the world will one day have the same type of tools. It just looks too good. VIDEO->

UPDATE: Here are images of the police lamborghini crashed.

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  • It would be interesting to know what country is using this for their police force. Also I don’t think a lack of speed limits creates the need – since when do criminals obey the speed limit when running from the cops? More than likely it is the cost of the car that keeps it out of the hands of most police. I bet the country that uses this has some really high fines for moving violations – that would make it cost effective.

  • lopez

    Just fyi, they are using Gallardo’s, and British Police (mainly yellow) have a few of them too =D, all donated from charity.
    fyi too, they are only limited to the Salerno-Reggio Calabria Highway.

  • tony_baloni

    psshh ill just bring my formula car out unto the highway and run circles around that lamborghini.

  • Canadaboy

    Wow Steve: “what country is using this” – did you even watch the video, cause you prove that all you did was post a comment without actually participating in the article. I think they mention the country, oh, about 117 times, and they talk about how the police force afforded the vehicle as well. Thanks for participating before leaving useless comments.

  • Myr Fantasy

    I want to start new career with the police force. 🙂

  • Potskie

    Thats Cool i live in Ontario and the town of port elgin has a Diablo thats patrols the highways there. i just about crapped my self when the cop hit the lights while he was behind me i definalty wasnt expecting that car to belong to the cops in a small town.

  • carjunkie

    Well you certainly won’t have anybody outrunning you if you have a Lamborghini police car, but didn’t they say in the video that the car is such a distraction it almost causes accidents? ah, the irony.

  • c0ld

    it is used in italy, as you also can see in the video 🙂
    i’m sure the two cops riding the the car switch chairs at every roadhouse 😉

  • Srikanth

    This is really amazing! Kudos to Lamborghini and the Italian police.

  • Nicolas

    Actually, the highspeed chases are limited to the Salerno Reggio calabria highway maybe .. but there’s one police lamborghini running around the streets of Rome as well, was fun to see it zipping by on Viale Aventino from the school windows 😛

  • How old…

    There have being Lamborghini Police cars for years now…

    If you had to run away from the police in a car bad, you would still run from them, if it was a standard Focus, or Gallardo.

    What they gonna do when they catch upto you? Ram you, and smash up their car due to do the Carbon?
    The Gallardo will no doubt run out of petrol before you, with the large sized engine.

    When are the police, speed isn’t everything.

    Also, i’m not a sports car, and Lamborghini hater, infact i love modified cars, this just doesn’t seem a excellent decision.

    A standard Police car would be able to keep most cars in their sights, and get the Helicopter, or direct other Police cars to that location.

  • Prospero

    This is an outdated news. The Lamborghini Police Car is used by Italian Police, and the story came out about a years ago (I’m italian!).
    The newspaper talked about it, and they said that the main car’s purpose is to transport urgent medicinals or “organs” (yeah!the car should also have a refrigerated meds box). Anyway, in Italy the highway speed limit is of 130Km/h…

  • johnf

    its italian

  • This is a very old news. Dates back to 2004.

    But still interesting… 🙂

  • Ed

    Why not just use a helicopter?

  • InterceptorV8

    This is only propaganda. This car was advertised as a weapon to fight criminals and smugglers on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway. In fact that highway is so ruined that it’s not possible to drive at 300Km/h!
    They also forgot to say that while the italian Police has a such beast, many police stations, even in major cities, lack the funds to pay the gas for traditional police cars. It’s a shame!

  • steve-0

    It’s a donated vehicle to the Italian State Police.

  • Gwyneth

    Woohoo! Good for you Italy! Way cool… I love the video, it shows the car inside out and it explains some of the car’s features… I think any Highway Police Officer would love a car like that when they need to chase a speeder… would just make life a lot easier for them. Average car max speed a normal person (not a race car driver) uses on a freeway is probably only around 150, that car is capable of more than 300. With the torque that car has, a little step on the gas pedal will get you ahead of a speeder in front of you in no time flat! 🙂 Congratulations Italy!

  • AA

    yea denitely, if the cops get these, im surely going to start career as a

  • Laura

    the car is in italy it has a V-10 5 liter engine top speed is 192 mph hehehe try to get away

  • ben

    this car was given to the plice force. it is a strong deterant to criminals when they know they can’t out run the police. the force only payed to have the car outfited as the would any othe car. the toys in the lambo may be a bit nicer but only because they were lighter or they were the only ones that fit. the people of that country payed nothing extra

  • Bealtiful police car. Lamborghini the best police car. I’m police officer in brazil.

  • hello Im trimi lamburgini’s are very good and very nice

  • the car is shit

  • i might be a police man when i grow up NOONE BELIEVE GTYU he/she is talking rubbish!

  • i love that police motor it just the best isn’t it gtyu.

  • Helicopter is much more faster than use cars. Not traffic jam. Straight one way street.

  • nice wat could u do tat waz cool