Smart Arrow – Spy Weapon

The Isreali have invented the Smart Arrow that defines the spy weapon. When fired, the Smart Arrow embeds itself into a surface and starts transmitting video for up to seven hours. The range is 300 meters and can transmit at 25/fps with a 60 degree field of view. It sends the video to a hand held device and the arrow can swivel to grab shots through a door or window.

Via DefenseUpdate & Gizmodo

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  • jigsaw

    what happens to the arrow after it’s no longer needed? can it be retrieved after it’s been embedded in a surface?

  • Its awesome dude. Hats off to inventors. The Palestine must give up their war and come to the table of negotiation. They are of no match to the Isreali force. It will be good for them to understand and agree the fact, more sooner more in profit they will be.

  • vv