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  • Ricardo


  • I love science and its surprises !

  • Cole

    “I wonder what would happen if you inhale both gases at the same time.”

    Try it. Now.


    I wounder if that gas is harmful……..iv gots to get me that cool sexy Berry White voice the chicks would dig it……

  • Bob

    lolz i think they would think your pretty weird with a voice like that… like as if you were on one of those speaking machines with those with speaking troubles lol…

  • Sam Hobbs

    As seen on Jay Leno tonight; Jay inhaled some sulphur hexafluoride gas and demonstrated it’s affect.

  • That’s Steve Spangler, he was my elementary school science teacher! Awesome guy, he always had really fun experiments and tricks

  • Moop

    Both at the same time! I know my next Google search!

  • Guest

    Any delinquent teenager will tell you this also works with propane. Except the propane will get you high and eat a hole in your brain. 

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