The Evil Gummy Bear

They might give you a scientific explanation to this reaction and a reason not to be affraid of gummy bears but I have a different conclusion. Gummy Bears are evil! This one in the video was especially possessed and burned in hell. VIDEO->
This reaction happens when you place a gummy bear (sucrose) in molten potassium chlorate.

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  • My chemistry teacher showed us this exact video in class. Sure work all of us up pretty quick.

  • omureadhaigh

    Stephen Colbert would probably agree with you, all bears are evil including gummy bears!

  • indeed!
    we must resist to gummy bears!

  • Sly

    That gummy bear put up one helluva fight! They’re feisty little critters, aren’t they?

  • HayHay

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  • hi

    no 1 cares 4 u, u look like a spew

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  • Anonymous

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