The Wheelman

This cool machine completes surfing, snowboarding and skating all in one. It seems that it can go on any surface. I want one ! VIDEO->

Via Hackedgadgets

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  • hunter

    Absolutely brilliant?
    How the hell do those axel-less wheels work tho?

  • aspirin

    What a wicked little machine!

  • Bachame

    Do u have video of it snowboarding and surfing? Because all I saw was it going on sand and grass.

  • yohoo

    it’s looks cool but it’s slow! if it went faster I would buy one.

  • TB

    that looks really lame, has nothing to do with surfing or snowboarding. You guys need to get outside a little more.

  • Man, this looks wicked! I love skating and I want one of those…