25 Odd Facts About Water That Might Quench Your Curiosity

Would you believe that cold water is heavier than hot water? Or that hot water can actually freeze faster than cold water under certain circumstances? The world is a crazy place.
Who would think that seemingly the most basic compound on our planet would be so interesting. To be honest, many of water’s quirky and interesting properties are what make life possible. Like the fact that 4 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which water has its maximum density. Nearly every single other compound continues to decrease in temperature as it becomes more dense. It is this simple and very strange property of water that has allowed life to exist on Earth. Think about it. The densest water always sinks to the bottom of the lake right? This means that the water at the bottom of the lake is always 4 degrees Celsius. The ice and other colder water rises to the top. This is why when lakes freeze the ice stays floating at the surface and the fish can swim freely down below. If water didn’t behave the way it does, life wouldn’t be able to survive in your back yard lake when it freezes over. These are 25 Odd Facts About Water That Might Quench Your Curiosity!

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