Alarm Clock That Brews Fresh Coffee to Wake You Up and 28 More Gadgets Lazy Geeks Would Love

It’s not that we find it difficult to make ourselves some coffee in the morning, but having it ready and steaming upon waking is so much better!


That’s probably what UK designer Josh Renouf thought too when he came up with the idea for this ingenious hybrid alarm clock and a coffee brewer. It’s called Barisieur and this is how it works: you pre-load it with coffee grounds and water, you put your cup underneath the spout and set the alarm. Thus, you wake up with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of fresh coffee, instead of the usual (and obnoxious) buzzing sound.

coffee brewing alarmclock


Instead of using a traditional heating element, Barisieur uses a hidden induction heater to heat up the steel ball bearings in the bottom of the beaker. They then transfer heat to the water, gradually causing it to a boil.

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