Rock-It Turns Anything Into A Speaker Even A Cereal Box

rock-it turns anything into a speaker
Following the success of their Fold n Play speakers, named one of TIME Magazines 50 Best Inventions of 2009, OrigAudio continues to evolve portable music devices with Rock-It. The Rock-It Speaker System utilizes modern technology to translate music from your device into vibration sequences. When attached to any object, Rock-It transforms that object into a speaker. VIDEO->
Ideal for the traveler or any fan of modern technology, Rock-It puts music where you want it. Compatible with any device with a headphone jack and powered by two AAA batteries or the included USB cable, the Rock-It pod – a mere two inches in diameter – simply affixes to any object with a reusable tactile pad, turning anything within reach a cup, lampshade, cardboard box and more – into a speaker. Check out also “flexible material turned into a speaker“.

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