Amazing Wood Nanomaterial – Nanocellulose

The newest material for building amazing tech is actually made of the oldest material for building: wood!

Nanocellulose is a new incredibly strong material made of wood and plant matter that has been turned to pulp and then reformed into tightly woven nanobits. Transparent and incredibly strong, the stuff is reportedly tougher than steel and extremely lightweight—which is why the U.S. military is already showing interest in the stuff. It also apparently conducts electricity well, meaning it could potentially be used for computing.

Extreme Tech reports that the first U.S. plant to make Nanocellulose, opened by the Forest Service in Madison, Wis.consin, has already received visits by executives from IBM and Lockheed Martin. It’s cheaply made and so safe that it could potentially be used in food. So while we’re waiting for our more natural McDonald’s shakes, we can daydream of the unthinkable: everlasting, lightweight furniture from Ikea.

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