Cadillac Aera is Not Just a Supercar, It’s Powered by Air and Weighs Just 1,000-Pounds

The futuristic Cadillac Aera concept is way better than any other supercar you have seen.


The vehicle’s body utilizes a 3D lattice, a mono-formed frame built from unique, alloy-utilizing, semisolid freeform manufacturing for extra strength and durability. Both the outside and the interior components are sculptured into a single part lattice structure.

The  10,000 psi composite air storage tank has enough capacity for a 1,000-mile trip before needing a refill.



According to Diseno-Art:

Additional technologies include an All-In-One (AIO) wheel system, combining rotary actuator propulsion, steering and suspension functions. A drive by wireless system decreases the mass of electrical components. Vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V) promotes active safety.


cadillac-aera-air-powered-car1 cadillac-aera-air-powered-car3 cadillac-aera-air-powered-car4




Via TechEBlog

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