Could A ‘Sober Pill’ Be In The Near Future?

Nanotechnology, sober pill, UCLA, alcohol metabolis, enzymes

We’ve all been there. You’ll say “I’m never drinking again” as the headache pounces on your consciousness. Unless, of course, if you haven’t gotten a taste of even just a drop of alcoholic drink from that occasional night out with friends or that Friday after work drink with coworkers. What if you had a way to flush alcohol out of your system even before the hangover kicks in? That may be in our future as scientists are currently researching quite literally a “sober pill”. A new paper published in the Journal Nature Nanotehnology reveals that researchers at the UCLA have developed a nanocapsule that delivers enzymes key in the metabolism of alcohol. Granted that the testing has only been done on mice, this new technology can be revolutionary as it can be used not only for the quick delivery of alcohol-digesting enzymes to people but also other substances like medicine.

Featured image from Shawn Oster on Flickr (CC)

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