Documentary: The Ghost In Your Genes

Conventional biology has always believed that our genetic code is set in stone at the moment of our conception. It was believed that at that instant we each receive a set number of chromosomes from both our mother and father. Within these chromosomes are genes, strips of coded DNA, the basic unit of inheritance. After conception it was assumed that our genes are locked away in every cell of the body, protected and untouched, unaffected by the way you live. So what you do in life may affect you but not your genes. To conventional biology your ancestors simply pass on their genes. The experiences they accumulate in a life time are never passed on. That belief is now proven to be false. All that was conventional believes but now we have evidence that our experiences in life affect our genes. The chemicals our bodies are exposed to and the stressful episodes we live through today will affect the next generations. VIDEO->
Ghost in our genes

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