Fascinating Amazon Tribe Practices Euthanization

I’m fascinated by undiscovered tribes and their way of life and I can’t explain exactly why. I previously posted about the “uncontacted amazon tribe” and this time adventurers have gotten close to them. The Suruwaha people is one of the world’s last and most isolated stone age tribes. They have some rather strange practices to us such as euthanization (suicide) before they get too old. And murdering of disabled children or babies. But who are we to judge? We have far worst practices in our culture. And if you are like me and love this topic check out the tribe of the Tarahumara, a hidden tribe of superathletes born to run.

Now, if you are lucky to understand French, you will enjoy this video below. It shows a tribe reacting to images and videos of the white man’s world. Their conclusions about us are a real lesson in humanity and humility.

If I may translate some of their reactions;
When shown images of moon landings and asked if they ever seen these images before, they responded no. And in return they asked “why would you go to the moon, for what interest?, this worries us greatly, the moon has been created to be far from the earth so we don’t touch it, the moon is there to light us at night, before there weren’t as many eclipses, you must have disturbed the moon, we noticed changes, the air is getting hot and we have less fresh air”.

When shown images of botanical gardens they responded by saying “this is not good what you do to plants, you hurt them that way, for us plants have a spirit, we are not allowed to treat them that way, cutting a tree is making it suffer, when we take one down for a plantation it hurts our feelings”.

When shown images of war and murder they affirmed that they also make war but our wars are much worst. Because they only fight other tribes if one of their tribes steals a woman or a child, then they fight back to steal another woman or child, it is a form of trade. But white men fight and kill for a lot worse.

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