Feel Weightless On The G-Trainer Treadmill

Now you too can beat a world record with this treadmill. It reduces your body weight by %80 making you feel almost like in zero gravity. If you are overweight and find it hard to run due to knee problems caused by your weight, this is a very good solution.
“The physical lifting force generated by the G-Trainer comes from a difference in air pressure around the user’s body. Normal environmental air pressure is approximately 15psi. The maximum amount of air pressure used in the G-Trainer, if the user chooses to reduce effective body weight at the maximum 80%, is 16.5psi, so the difference is very slight. At the maximum air pressure, the user experience feels similar to the pressure against your feet if you were standing in waist-high water, but without the resistance or movement of water.” VIDEO->
Via OhGizmo

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