Florida Cops Use GPS Bullets To Track Cars They’re Chasing

Florida The St. Pete police department is showing off a new tool meant to reduce the risks associated with high speed chases. A compressed-air launcher, mounted behind the grille of a police cruiser, uses a laser to target the fleeing vehicle. It discharges a projectile/tag containing the GPS module. The projectile adheres to the suspect vehicle and transmits coordinates back to dispatch. The dispatcher then views the location and movements of the tagged vehicle in near real-time on a digital road map via a secure Internet connection.

The StarChase mapping platform is a secure, scalable Web-based solution that does not require special hardware to operate. It is compatible with existing CAD and AVL systems. Consistent with the movement in the law enforcement industry toward non-lethal technologies, StarChase has received numerous written requests for information about the StarChase system; many leading North American police officers are interested in an efficient and effective solution to reduce municipalities’ exposure to the liabilities involved with high-speed chases. As well as reducing the dangers and risks involved in police pursuits.

I hate to spoil it to the Florida cops but here is a much better solution. Electromagnetic ray gun posted a few months back.

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