Hankook iFlex Airless Tires are Puncture Proof, Made from 95% Recyclable Materials

With all design and technology thought put into newest vehicles, tires seem to be the one thing that has barely changed for ages. Hankook’s iFlex aims to put that to an end.


Their invention may just solve all problems coming with blown tires at once. The iFlex airless tire is light, puncture-proof and made from 95% recyclable materials.

Each 155/590 R14 tire is composed of polyurethane synthetics, and the entire unit is fabricated with the rim. How does it work? Geometric cells inside the wheel allow the tire to function without the need for air, thus eliminating the need to check for pressure, fixing flats, while improving fuel economy.





“The iFlex model is the fifth of Hankook’s airless tire models, and it may now be very close to production. The tests focused on five categories: durability, hardness, speed, slalom, and stability. Hankook proudly touts the tire’s ability to reach speeds of 130 km/h (or 81 mph) in its electric car speed test, a promising result for future consumer use,” reports Inhabitat.




Via TechEBlog 

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