It Looks Like a “Back to the Future” Hoverboard, But This Board is All Wheel and Can Hit 16MPH

What is your first thought as you look at this board? The ‘Back to the Future’ hoverboard! Right? But… it is somewhat different.


Hoverboard Technologies came with this awesome model – a  one-wheeled, self-balancing board. It is electronic and can be charged in under 20-minutes. When fully charged, it is capable of hitting 16 mph and has a range of nearly 10 miles.

To move forth, riders simply have to tilt forward. To slow down, tilt back.

A companion smartphone app monitors can be used to view data such as speed, LED lights control, and the amount of charge left. There’s also a nifty “Find My iPhone” like security feature that sends alerts to your handset when it’s too far away, which at that time, can be remotely shutdown by the company once reported stolen.






Via TechEBlog

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