Mystery of the Alien Abduction in Canada

If you enjoy listening to stories then this is the documentary for you. The abductions are from Canada but the abductors are said to be from the stars. Do you believe in such stories? I sort of don’t dispute them because I had an encounter of my own. It’s a bit of a long story but I will try to make it in a few lines. I had a thumb injury that was present for more than a year, it was something between the thumb and the index finger, like a small bone sticking out. One night I had a vivid dream where I met with a stranger, he was behind a bar and behind him were stars, the universe, a really pretty sight. He only asked me to give him my right hand, which I did, he grabbed me by the injury and I woke up. To my chilling surprise the thumb injury was gone. But being a skeptic I blamed it on my subconscious noticing that my injury has healed and it manifested itself in a dream. Who knows…it was just creepy. Do you have an alien or UFO story?

Via UfoBlogger

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