OverPimped Dodge Charger with TV Screens on Doors

So you seen the flipping doors and huge wheels before and LCD rims or even the spinning exhaust pipe but have you seen TV screens on car doors before? I can’t hate on this guy because his ride is way cooler than mine, I drive a 2004 Sunfire! But I can’t help it to think that this man wants attention only. I mean just look at this thing, it says “look at me” all over it. I’m not hating on the man but the man might need some counseling.

Now the man has some taste but here is what I would add to his car to make him drool and maybe have a seizure from the pimpness.

Flipping car doors

LED on rims

Spinning exhauste pipe

Color changing headlights

Heat sensitive car paint

And now once he has pimped the hell out of his green ride I would just go back to the basics and start pimping some donkeys. Id buy myself a donkey and just pimp him out, I’d add turns signals on my donkey even a horn. After all, the donkey is the first mode of transportation so going back to the basics is important. Kind of what this dude did:

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