Self-Driving Mercedes Vision Tokyo is Powered by Electric Engine and Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Self-driving cars do not look so fantastic nowadays. That is not the case with the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, however.


This vehicle uses Deep Machine Learning and Intelligent Predictive Engine technology to become more familiar with its occupants and cater to their preferences. It is powered by an electric engine and a hydrogen fuel cell.

The driving range of the Vision Tokyo is 600+ miles. And it is complete with holographic technologies on the inside during the ride.




According to Du Pont Registry:

The Vision Tokyo is also designed to be an autonomous vehicle, acting more as a luxury lounge than a car to drive. But the coolest part about the Vision Tokyo concept is its use of LED screens and holograms. Particularly the holograms. Apps, maps and displays will be displayed as 3D holograms in the center of the console, and will be used through touch activation.





Via TechEBlog

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