Shockwave is World’s Fastest Truck, Powered by Three Jet Engines That Generate 36,000HP

Presenting to you… the world’s fastest truck!


Shockwave is powered by three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 jet turbines. Normally those are used in a U.S. Navy trainer jet called the ‘T-2 Buckeye’. Combined with a 4-ton vehicle, those turbines generate the incredible 36,000-horsepower, which is good for a quarter mile time of just 6.5-seconds, topping out at 400mph.

The truck can hold 190 gallons of petrol while burning about 180-gallons per performance.

Owner Neal Darnell’s son Chris, 31, said:

The added afterburners double the horsepower and thrust, so Shockwave literally has six times the power of the jet airplane these engines came in. On acceleration, the driver experiences about 6G. We then stop this beast using two 16in ring slot military parachutes, which produce an impact of up to negative 9G. It is some ride.






Via TechEBlog

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