Top Ten Highest Radiation Cell Phones

I bet that a good 80% of cell phone users are aware of the unproven theory that cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer. Even if they have yet to prove that, now a recente study has shown the Top Ten Phones with the most radiation and percentage absorbed by the body. It turns out that Motorolla is in a very bad situation since their phones seem to be popular on the list. TO SEE THE LIST ->

Here is a list of the few worst cell phones. Some of them have the same level of radiation and that is why they are on the same position on the list. To see the full list and the full reviews of the cell phones and also to see where YOUR CELL PHONE stands visit CNET by clicking here.
1. Motorola Slvr L6
2. Motorola V120c
2. Motorola V265
4. Motorola V70
5. Motorola C290
5. Motorola P8767
5. Motorola ST7868
5. Motorola ST7868W
9. Motorola A845
9. Palm Treo 650 GSM
9. Panasonic Allure

Just remember that the ”radiation causing cancer” theory is still to be proven! Untill then don’t forget to wear your aluminum foil hat when you use your cell.

I managed to find a small video about electro magnetic radiation – check it out.

Via Healthbetold and CNET

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