V10 Engine + Motorcycle = Insane 200MPH

First came the Dodge Tomahawk, now Allen Millyard has built his own version of the 500bhp 8.0L V10 motorcycle, called the “Millyard Viper V10”.


Evey part of this superbike has been handcrafted by Allen in his garage.

The vehicle is street-legal and has done over 5000-miles after its completion. It’s also paid a visit to the Isle of Man TT, and achieved an insane 207mph at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.



Millyard said: “The engine sat in my garage for about two years,” he laughs. “And then one day it just came to me. I would build an unfaired muscle bike. It had to work, it had to be road legal, and I had to be able to go shopping on it. I stripped the engine down to take away all the extraneous bits. One of the results is that the powerplant is now 10 inches shorter. And I took all the plastic off. Apart from the instrument pod, the motorcycle is all steel and aluminum.”



Via TechEBlog

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