Sealander The Amphibious Trailer

The Sealander may be the best camper model yet.


It is essentially a combination of a boat and a camping trailer all into one package.

Feel the need to escape to the campsite for the weekend? Simply tow the trailer along behind your car and set it up once you arrive. Thinking of hitting the waves? That’s where things take a different turn. This trailer can move at speeds of 5.5 mph with enough battery power to last for a weekend on the move if the weather permits. Simply pop the camper’s top off, raise the railing into position, bolt on the engine, and you’re ready to relax.

Weighing 1,069-pounds unladen, the flat-bottomed vehicle is light enough to ease off into the water from the shore or by using a boat launch.



Expect to shell out $17,100 for the base model, but the price starts rising if you want lighting / electrical outlets, sleeping quarters, seating areas, an audio system, cooking station, toilet and even a shower.



Via TechEBlog 

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