Video Face Replacement

If you seen the movie The Social Network, you might have noticed that the Winklevoss twins were actually just one actor but hollywood made it look like it were two real twins. Such techniques in face replacement were available to deep pocket film makers but with help of Kevin Dale from Harvard University it will all change. His method will allow even the amateur film maker to almost instantly make a face swap.

We present a method for replacing facial performances in video. Our approach accounts for differences in identity, visual appearance, speech, and timing between source and target videos. Unlike prior work, it does not require substantial manual operation or complex acquisition hardware, only single-camera video. We use a 3D multilinear model to track the facial performance in both videos. Using the corresponding 3D geometry, we warp the source to the target face and retime the source to match the target performance. We then compute an optimal seam through the video volume that maintains temporal consistency in the final composite. We showcase the use of our method on a variety of examples and present the result of a user study that suggests our results are difficult to distinguish from real video footage.

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  1. sujan shrestha June 11, 2012