VIMOB Is a Modular Home That Can Easily Be Taken Apart and Moved Anywhere

The VIMOB  looks like a shipping container at first. But it is one of the most comfortable mobile homes out there.


The size of the living space is 398 square feet. Lots of wood used in the design gives an extra-cozy vibe – timber-clad exterior and wood-finished interior.

The home’s living, dining, and kitchen areas flow smoothly into one another for a more open feel. Two bedrooms and a bathroom can be found on the other end of the living space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and patio areas extend these spaces to give them more of an unrestricted feel.



My Modern Met reports:

VIMOB was meant to travel to remote sections of the world- its first prototype was placed in the lush area of Matapalo, Colombia. To make this possible, the architects limited the amount of supplies and labor that would be required to construct the building. They developed a pier-and-beam foundation system, which generates less raw material waste and minimizes its carbon footprint. All you need is a basic set of tools and you’ll have a home exactly where you want it.


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