Xiaomi’s Ninebot Mini is a Knee-Controlled Segway

Most self-balancing scooters have a steering handle. Xiaomi’s Ninebot Mini is different.


Ninebot Mini uses Leansteer technology and a knee-high steering stick that detects the movements of the rider’s legs. The vehicle weighs 28.2 pounds, its top speed is 10mph and it is good for 13.7-miles of riding time on full charge.

This cool gadget costs only $300. It will come with a smartphone app for autonomous control and security – app connects to the scooter’s lock, and alerts you if removed from the location.



According to Auto Evolution:

The Ninebot Mini is currently available for preorder in six countries – U.S., Germany, UAE, Japan, Singapore, and Korea – and judging by the company’s website, the first one should hit the stores on November 1, with all the other deliveries starting towards the end of the year.




Via TechEBlog

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