You Won’t Believe This 3D-Printed Villa was Assembled Like LEGO Bricks in Just 3-Hours

Thanks to China-based company ZhuoDA, soon we may see entire neighborhoods pop up in merely a couple of days.


With their six 3D-printed modules, ZhuoDA built this 2-story villa in less than three hours. It was actually assembled  like you would LEGO bricks before a live audience who then toured the interior.

This isn’t a flimsy showpiece, the home is designed to withstand a magnitude-9 earthquake.



“The house is capable of withstanding high-magnitude earthquakes because the modules, each weighing over 100 kilograms per square meter, bear weight independently. The steel-framed structure home can also be filled with heat-insulating materials. After the structural framework was 3D-printed, the company applied decorative sheet textures to each module before final assembly. Homeowners will be able to choose from a variety of decorative textures, such as jade, marble, wood, and granite. Herbs can even be embedded into the walls of the house for ‘built-in aromatherapy.’ The buildings can withstand wear for at least 150 years,” reports Inhabitat.





Via TechEBlog 

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