Portable Home Delivered with Ease – Tiny Is All You Need

My parents used to have a mobile home back in Ex-Yugoslavia, it was brought to us by a truck and deposited in a neighborhood where the neighbors had big eyes and have never seen anything like it before. Something small and so functional as well as beautiful was almost magic. It was the first mobile home in Mostar. My parents already had my sister and they were a little late getting a home so my dad had to improvise and get something fast and reliable. Being an architecht himself, he was aware what was made in the industry and a company called Promo, which still exists today provided us with the house. Our tiny mobile house still stands today, even after years of war and years of neglect and despite nobody living in it for years, but it somehow is still habitable with no leaks and no structural damage as opposed to some of the other homes around it, a true little miracle. Unfortunately now the land is being disputed by an embarrassing familial tug after my dad passed away. It seems that everyone wants the little home. And take it from someone who knows, all you need is a small home. This mobile home placed in Spain reminds me much of ours. If you enjoy tiny homes visit Faircompanies.com, check out also “Man Builds a Tiny Home on $20,000 Salary” and the “Electric mobile bed” as well as “Shipping container home in the woods“.

Their Casa Transportable (“Transportable House”) is manufactured in 6 weeks in a CNC factory in Northern Spain. Their largest model (9 by 3 meters) is still small enough to fit on the back of a truck. The height of 3.5 meters allows for a gabled roof to give it the feel of a real house, but it’s just low enough to fit under bridges and tunnels while on the road.

Once the house arrives at the site, like a shipping container, it is craned into place in as little as 20 minutes. When Ábaton installed their prototype house on an empty plot in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Madrid, they had dug a few small holes in preparation for the “foundation footings”: in this case, recycled wood blocks leftover from other construction projects, but cement or a nice rock work as foundation as well.

Via Faircompanies

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