Amazing Mechanical Spider

Called the Mondo Spider this is one mean and scary looking machine that you don’t want your kids to see. VIDEO->

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  • Rex

    This looks amazing. I can see version 2.0 of it climbing rocks. Amazing work.

  • brian

    needs big hard rubber feet not a lot of traction but still very cool

  • Re: rubber feet.

    We have a problem with stress when turning, as it is just a clockwork mechanism. The feet have to slide or it will break. The spider has actually now been outfitted with industrial plastic shoes that allow a little more slide. When we run it out in the desert it wants to rip itself apart otherwise.

    We have a few ideas for v2.0. Pending funding and time.

  • tlpostma

    I could see version 2.0 being able to have a onboard computer and gps navigation. It should have a auto mode too. Like you put it in a direction and speed then your could relax in it. Does this thing actually come out any where or what would the price be.