Aequorea is a 3D-Printed Underwater Skyscraper Village That Houses Up to 20,000 People

Architect Vincent Callebaut’s creation Aequorea is a stunning 3D-printed oceanscraper settlement.


The village can not only house up to 20,000 people, but it is also self-sufficient, thus reducing Earth’s carbon footprint.

Above the surface are the entrance and some docks. Spiraling 1,000-meters down are the homes, offices, workshops, science laboratories, sea farms, agricultural areas, as well as the shared orchards.




According to The Daiy Mail:

Air is renewed naturally by convection through wind chimneys found in the tower or by an oxygen station. And Mr. Callebaut says food comes from coral reefs, farming fields and fishing. He said it is possible to farm fruit and vegetables inside the eco-villages as well as fishing in the ocean. Mr. Callebaut also suggests that these eco-villages, which are 500 metres wide and have 250 floors, are spread across the world’s major oceans.


underwater-skyscraper1 underwater-skyscraper2 underwater-skyscraper3 underwater-skyscraper4 underwater-skyscraper5 underwater-skyscraper6 underwater-skyscraper7 underwater-skyscraper9




Via TechEBlog

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