College Student Buys Old Bus. and Transformed It Into a Home

What could be a better thesis project for an architecture student than turning an old school bus into one of the coolest mobile homes? This is precicesly what Hank Buititta from the University of Minnesota did.


The architecture student teamed up with his friends, and found the perfect project vehicle on Craigslist. They gutted the bus completely. Next, they installed the custom interior.

The mobile home now features: a modular living environment that includes a kitchen, bathroom, beds, storage space and even reclaimed gymnasium wood.



According to the Inhabitat report:

To give the 225 square-foot bus interior the illusion of spaciousness, Butitta constructed all furniture lines below the bottom edges of the windows to preserve panoramic views and to let in natural light; for privacy, he installed drop-down translucent insulation panels to hang over the windows at night. He also replaced the emergency hatches with skylights to maximize the amount of natural light. At night, the space is lit by dimmable, LED strip lighting tucked into the reveal where the curved ceiling meets the wall.





Via TechEBlog

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