Baby Experiments – What Makes Us Moral?

Psychology tests from 60 minutes addressing the complex question of what makes us good or bad by observing how babies think are an interesting insight into our morality. It may depress you by knowing that some of our most basic build-in instincts are to differentiate us between “us and them”, as if nature was forcing us to be in tribes but it may also make you very happy to know that another aspect of our build-in functions are to be compelled by good actions.

Now, there is alot on the line here, after all our morals are the only thing that separate us from animals. If you can connect the dots between survival and our build-in functions, you can see the logic behind it. If a child prefers to keep for himself and less for others before he has the education to understand morality that may be only because somewhere in our evolution it was important to be selfish. Let’s not jump to conclusion as to what our nature is right away, these are just recent studies and some results may need more proof. And if you find this subject interesting, check out “Chimp Morality” posted on here.

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