Glove Lets You Control a Computer or Mobile Device in Air

It has become clear that the traditional keyboard + mouse combo needs to change. This glove may just be what we were waiting for.


Gest does look like technology coming straight from the ‘Minority Report’ movie. And, just like in the movie, it lets you control a computer display by using hand motions.

The gadget includes an armband, finger extensions that are designed to fit like a glove and 15 different sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, as well as magnetometers. These work together to produce a smartphone-like experience instead of acting as a motion capture system.  You can switch between apps by just twitching your finger, or simply pointing at the display to move the mouse around.

Since, Gest relies on sensors instead of a camera, it is able to process movements faster and more reliably without the use of complicated algorithms.

If you are a developer, you can use Gest’s DevKit API to produce applications that fit your needs, and in real-time.

Are you excited yet? Here is a link to Gest’s Kickstarter campaign.





Via TechEBlog

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