How to Buy XRP with PayPal

If you are excited about Bitcoin and more specifically blockchain then you must be really excited about Ripple. It’s one of the rare coins that is managed by a real company with a head office and employees. Yes, it sounds a little strange to say that but knowing the coin-sphere where most coins are managed by two dudes that nobody has seen their face, it is important to mention that Ripple is a real company that manages XRP. And since Ripple is currently the third most popular coin, it is also important to mention how to buy XRP with PayPal

Previously it was very difficult to purchase XRP, the steps were to open an account at an exchange, in hopes that the exchange has fiat to BTC trades, then send your BTC to another exchange which has XRP, then buy XRP with BTC. It was way too difficult, it still is complicated today but more exchanges have direct fiat to XRP trades. However if you don’t want to go through an exchange and get charged by their fees now you can use PayPal to buy XRP. Using the site called XRP Shop, there are no fees on the site at this time but only standard PayPal fees.

Considering that PayPal supports credit cards, that also means that you can buy XRP using credit cards with that site.





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