Did NASA Capture An Alien On The Moon?

The precise coordinates of this ‘man-figure’ are included in the video clip, as is a distinct and strange shadow being cast by a passing figure! Caught on NASA footage there appears to be a mostly humanoid figure walking away from one crater and toward another. Upon investigations on Google Moon what was there one moment was gone later. This is a SPOOKY and mysterious photograph!

It looks just like a man- on a scale that would mean it is a giant-man- is there and casting the distinct shadow of a torso and legs upon the surface of the MOON. Weird. Really weird. Upon visiting Google Moon and comparing the known mapping versus the strange NASA photo taken recently it does appear that the figure is there one moment and disappears the very next! How weird is that?

Hard to say what it is for sure and sources indicate that this photo has NOT been photoshopped or computer enhanced in ANY way. It is clear eveidence of two photos compared side by side of the same EXACT spot on the earth’s moon. In one photo is a giant humanoid figure casually walking in one direction, AND, on Google Moon not a person, or ‘thing’ to be seen ANYwhere at those coordinates! This is indication that whatever had been there was not there later!

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Shocking Footage: Did NASA Capture An Alien On The Moon?

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