The Six-Legged Crabster CR200 Underwater Submarine Robot Is Unlike Any Other

The Crabster CR200 can operate where divers cannot reach.


The robot was created by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST). Its main purpose is inspecting seabeds, pipelines and shipwrecks.

It comes equipped with six legs for easy maneuverability around obstacles. The front two legs can be fitted with manipulators for grasping objects.




Diseno-Art reports:

Clearly the Crabster is a fairly complicated bit of kit. It takes four people to remotely operate the robot. One to pilot it, one to work the manipulators and cameras, one to plot its course and provide navigation information, and one to monitor the scanning sonar and other sensors. As the Crabster is permanently tethered to a power source on the mothership, the robot can remain on the sea floor for days at a time.





Via TechEBlog

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