This Go-Kart Looking Thing Has 700-Horsepower and is Faster Than a Bugatti

Don’t let its exterior fool you – Ariel Atom is everything but a go-kart.


South Carolina-based DDMWorks has transformed this car into a monster: they upgraded the newly turbocharged + supercharged Ecotec 2.0L engine with Darton mid sleeves, ceramic-coated Wiseco pistons, H-beam Carrillo rods and ARP hardware, to produce 700-horsepower.

With only 1,450-pounds weight, the Ariel-Atom’s power to weight ratio is 2.07-pounds per horsepower. That is lower than most all million-dollar machines, including the Bugatti Veyron.



“To manage all this newfound power, DDMWorks threw on a few extra inches in the rear with new 275-mm wide tires and custom 17×9 wheels. The full Atom upgrade comes complete with three engine options of 450bhp, 575bhp or for the brave, the 700bhp flagship,” reports Car Scoops.



Via TechEBlog

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