What’s the Easiest Way to Die?

I hope I am not giving any ideas to anyone on the easiest way to die but the question of killing a human in a peaceful way is very important. It is important to know and to have a humane method of execution. The electric chair or the death by poison both cause pain and stress. Even farm animals are executed in quick but brutal ways. Having a painless and peacful way to die for both humans and animals is something that a civilized society must have. Hypoxia which is the depravation of oxygen seems to fit all criteria for a stress-free death. And I am not talking about suffocating someone to the point of them suffering or drowning someone to take away their oxygen. We are talking about a method of hypoxia which takes place in high altitudes where oxygen is rare but not completely absent to the point where one would feel like they are suffocating.

Easiest Way to Die

Watch the full documentary from BBC called How to Kill a Human Being, here.

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