World’s Most High Tech Rifle Has WiFi

Tracking Point, an Austin-based manufacturer for precision-guided firearms, will debut rifles that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet on Jan. 15. The three hunting rifles are fitted with a Linux-powered computerized scope. The scope is packed with data gathering technology, including telescopic zoom, a wind detector, head-up-display, a weather station and WiFi.

Also included are a laser range finder and receiver to pinpoint and track the target, as well as a USB port for additional data storage and an objective lense.”

The scope takes a video image of the actual shot and displays all information needed for the shot. When the target is spotted, the shooter can “mark” it by pressing a button near the trigger. Once the target is marked, the display adjusts to the target’s distance and weather conditions. The center of the blue reticle shows where the shot will go. As the shooter squeezes the trigger, the reticle turns to red. When the center is aligned with the target’s pip, the shot is made.

The scope constantly records visual feeds. Using WiFi, the scope can be connected to mobile devices, which makes it easy for spotters to instruct hunters or for hunters to share their experiences with friends and families.”

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