XTERRAIN500 – an Electric Bike with Monstrous Off-Road Fat Tires

Off-road electric bikes are not big news, but the XTERRAIN500 brings something big and extraordinary to the table – 10-inch-wide tires able to surmount any terrain.


You can swap XTERRAIN500’s regular 4-inch tires with 10-inch-wide ones up front. This is meant to provide the front end with lots of float and prevent it from getting bogged down on soft surfaces, such as sand.

The electric parts: a 500-watt/48-volt electric rear hub motor powered by a Samsung 48V 9-Ah battery. These enable you to reach a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), with a 25-mile range on a single charge.

Once the bike hits the stores, it is expected to cost about $1,600.




Via TechEBlog

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