Intriguing Connection Between All Global Pyramid Structures

Before you start watching this documentary, at the begining you will see messages such as “the most amazing hunt in history”, “are you ready to change your vision of the past?” and right away you will roll your eyes thinking that this is another History Chanel scam but it is not, its far from that. The first 30 mins might be a little slow but at the end it gets really fascinating. You seen the Fibbonacci sequence and the Golden Ration here on HighT3ch before but now take a look at how it was put in practice while building the pyramids. It makes an astonishing connection between the major pyramids in the world, the equator and the magnetic fields. Who build these pyramids and what were they made for? It is a question still vaguely answered by mainstream archeologists who are not mathematicians and have a poor understanding of building techniques, yet we are told to believe their thoeries in schools and history books. The ancient builders were building something on purpose to calculate, track, or simply warn by constructing structures that will withstand time and everything that comes with it. Or perhaps they were sending a message in time for us to decipher from a language of signs and geometry that we have lost knowledge of.

The documentary is called “The Revelation Of The Pyramids”.

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