Lit Motors’ C-1 Electric Motorcycle Will Keep It’s Balance

At first look from the picture it seems that its one of those “been there done that” motorcycles and when you understand what this baby can do you quickly remember your mamma’s “don’t judge a book by its cover” quote. The downside of having a motorcycle is that you are always open to rain and you may lose your balance at any bump on the road. That is why the C-1 from Lit Motors will revolutionize the industry as it will keep its balance even during collisions. The price is supposed to be around $24,000 USD at first but at full production they aim at $16,000 USD. The design is elegant, fancy and pretty simple at the same time. However if I were to choose between the girl and the bike, Id have to say…the girl. Just look at her, tall, brunette not too skinny, you just want to take her to Paris. She sold the bike!

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