Luxurious Home with a Rooftop Pool Carved Directly Into an Oceanside Cliff

Casa Brutale is not just a luxurious house at the seaside – it is a monolithic concrete home cut directly into a cliff that faces the Aegean Sea.


This amazing structure has a rooftop swimming pool that doubles as a translucent ceiling. The view from the glass-paneled balcony at the bottom of the house will totally take your breath away.

Directly from the entrance starts a stairwell leading to the glass-paneled balcony at the bottom of the house. And the view from it will totally take your breath away.



According to Inhabitat:

The unclad house has clean forms, raw concrete surfaces and spaces that also blend into the cliff face. The large skylight placed above the main living quarters is actually a swimming pool made from reinforced glass. Except for the main glass surface facing the sea, it is the only other opening that brings natural light into the house. The water diffuses the sunlight creating a fantastic atmosphere and is visible from the bed, also made from cast concrete.


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