The Mercedes-Benz Intelligence Drive System

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is loaded with detectors that make the car much safer. Called the Intelligent Drive System it has computer-assisted steering and braking that help you avoid collisions on top of radar and stereo cameras that act as the eyes of the system.


Constantly scanning the road through a combination of stereo cameras and short-, medium- and long-range radar, BAS PLUS keeps an unblinking eye out for danger.


DISTRONIC PLUS, an advanced system of radar sensors, helps predict and prevent collisions. Adaptive cruise control maintains the desired distance from vehicles ahead, while Steering Assist uses lateral lane guidance to keep the vehicle from drifting. If the system believes a collision is imminent, its PRE-SAFE Brake feature initiates up to 40% braking power, audibly alerts the driver, and engages the PRE-SAFE system. Should the driver fail to respond, the system can apply full braking on its own to help reduce the intensity of a collision.

Active Lane Keeping Assistance

Active Lane Keeping Assist uses a special camera to monitor road markings while its radar surveys surrounding traffic. If your vehicle begins drifting out of its lane, Active Lane Keeping Assist causes the steering wheel to vibrate. This haptic warning is also provided before the ESP system’s targeted braking intervention. If the radar senses a vehicle in the adjacent lane, ESP initiates one-sided braking to keep your vehicle from entering a danger zone.


PRE-SAFE is an advanced network of sensors that predicts when an accident is about to occur. In the precious moments before the collision, the system automatically tightens the front seat belts, adjusts the front head restraints and passenger seat, and can even close the windows and sunroof, all to better prepare the occupants for more effective results from the restraint systems.

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