The Tentsile Flite Tent Lets You Sleep Above Ground While Suspended in Mid-Air

Lots of us dislike some of the inevitable difficulties of camping. Insects and cold, uneven ground you have to sleep on, for example.  The Tentsile Flite promises to solve that!


This tree tent is suitable for all seasons. It can be fully assembled in just 10 minutes and strapped to a backpack while not in use. It only weighs 7.3-pounds.

When set up, the tent is  8′ x 11′ – 40-square-feet of floor space.

Is it stable? The manufacturers claim it can comfortably support in mid-air up to a 485-pound load – two full-sized adults, along with their gear.



Hexapolis reports:

Since we brought up the scope of installation, the Flite can be easily set up within 10 minutes, by strapping its angular projections to the tree branches. Simply put, one needs to find an area that roughly corresponds to a triangular space with three trees at the points. The Flite can then be tethered to the trees by using the end-straps, while the entire ‘treehouse’ tent is kept taut above the ground with the help of a single ratchet. This suspended nature is accompanied by a bent aluminum pole that stretches across at top to support the makeshift roof.


tentsile-flite-tent-1 tentsile-flite-tent-2 tentsile-flite-tent-4



Via TechEBlog

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