Cool Floating Solar Home is Completely Off-the-Grid

The quest for off-the-grid living is getting more achievable with Floatwing – a practical modular floating home.


Floatwing is designed by Portugal-based firm Friday. The amount of solar energy needed for living for an year can be generated in just 6 months. The cool floating home has it all: a strong solar energy system, a wastewater treatment, a mini supply water plant with advanced tertiary treatment, and even stored fuel to achieve sustainability.

The living space consists of two decks. The accessible upper deck doubles as a roof. You have floor-to-ceiling windows in the living, which is lined with wood. There’s a full kitchen, heat pump, AC generator, barbecue, wine cellar, pellet stove for heat during winter, and up to three bedrooms.



According to Inhabitat:

While the structure has a six-meter-long fixed width, the house can be customized from 10 meters to 18 meters in length. The modular Floatwing neatly packs up into two standard shipping containers and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world. Two small outboard motors let users steer the floating home across the waters at a moderate speed of three knots (approximately three miles per hour).







Via TechEBlog

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