This Hobbit House Can Be Built in Just 3-Days Anywhere in the World

Tolkien fans (and not only) you can now build your own cute, cozy and energy efficient Hobbit-like houses.


The Magic Green Home are 400-square-foot eco-friendly prefabricated structures that allow everything a conventional house could offer. Once the vaulted panels are put together, they are covered with soil to look like the green-roofed living spaces from Tolkien’s Shire.



Inhabitat reports:

Because of this efficient technology, the designs can be adapted to any type of topography and customized to fit individual needs. The good thing is customers can start small and purchase panels which would be sufficient to build a few modules and then expand as they go. It takes only three people to assemble the structure in three days, with no special skills or heavy equipment.


hobbit-house-homemade1 hobbit-house-homemade2 hobbit-house-homemade3 hobbit-house-homemade4 hobbit-house-homemade5




Via TechEBlog

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