Your Brain Can Send Info Back In Time

Here is another clip from the movie “What The Bleep do We Know” which talks about time travel and explains how our brains are capable of sending information back in time. The entire movie can be disputed and might not be completly accurate so open your mind when watching and do not absorb everything without questioning it your self. The VIDEO STARTS AT 4:02min.

About The Movie

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  • Kal

    So the gypsies are, were will be right… I wonder if I can think backwards so that I can prove Jesus didn’t exist. Fascinating.

  • Kinl

    I think plenty of people think backwards these days nowt new there 😉

  • MAN

    Like when your sitting in class and you know that there will be a fire drill a split second before the alarm goes off?

  • Cuddles

    You people realize the woman that wrote this movie is a complete whack job? Yeah, she thinks she’s some reincarnated ancient warrior. This movie was made as a recruitment tool for her Cult.

    There, now you just learned something more important than this clip would show you.

  • Jesus is real, not the bible but the figure in history, theres more accounts of him than anybody so you would have an easier time disproving the existence of king henry the 8th or Nikola Tesla.
    Either theres magic or there isn’t and you know it or you don’t. Science is having a harder and harder time
    explaining away the phenomena as it peers deeper and deeper. I heard some one say brain waves are the largest and they stretch from here to the moon, If thats true, you can see the waves in the the ocean that are big overtake the smaller ones so, we have mind over matter.
    given that, you just have to imagine something enough and you have it. Not a new idea, unavoidable in every religious artistic philosophical anything.